Got an Emergency Situation on Your Hands? Here’s What to Do

Emergency security situations do happen from time to time. And the same will happen to you. It could be a lock-out situation from your house or car, lost keys, or needing to replace the locks to your property after a burglary. Your emergency could present itself in one of many ways. If you’re in such a situation we will tell you exactly what to do even as you engage an emergency locksmith. 

Verify that you’re in a situation that requires an emergency locksmith

First evaluate the situation at hand and make sure that you really need an emergency locksmith. For example, if you’ve lost your keys you could try calling people you’ve been with in the last few hours to see if they might have them. You don’t want to change your locks just to find out later that you’d dropped them in the backyard.

Needless to say, you shouldn’t take too long on this process. If it’s late at night, for example, then you won’t have much time to spare and every minute will count. The same applies to situations where your safety is at risk.

Dial an emergency locksmith

Once you’ve ascertained that you need the help of a professional locksmith to gain entry or access into your house or car, find one quickly and dial them up. When you do so make sure to ask how soon they can get to your exact location. Go with the locksmith that can get to you as quickly as possible. Remember every minute counts. And again, remember to give them the exact address of your location. If they get lost on the way those will be precious minutes wasted.

Report to the police if necessary

Some emergency locksmith situations require the attention of the police. For example, if you just reported to your store or office and found that the place has been burglarized, you are supposed to report to the police immediately. Doing so ensures that the case is reported with the police and hopefully those responsible are caught. In such cases, the police might advise you to hold off changing the locks or accessing the premises until after they have collected forensic evidence and examined the crime scene.

Try to calm the situation until help arrives

Some situations are nerve-wrecking and hectic even. Say your 3-yr old son has locked themselves in the car just as you were fueling at the station. The first reaction of a loving mother might be to scream and shout and bang on the car even. Doing so might make the trapped kid panic even more. So despite your well-intentioned impulses, try to remain calm and call for help.

Alert others that you’ve changed your locks

Once your locks have been changed, inform other people who usually access the same property about the change. This includes people such as family members or employees. Also remember to have your Pomona locksmith produce duplicate keys for them. You don’t want them to be hit with a rude shock once they try to access the property later only to discover that their keys aren’t working anymore.

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