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Don’s Locksmith has been California’s most recommended residential locksmith Pomona for over a decade now. We have a qualified and professional team of experts that provide a wide range of locksmith services for your residential needs.

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We install new locks

Part of building a home is installing different security systems across the property. The most common way home owners and contractors do this is by installing new locks for different purposes. We install locks for every door in your home as well as the security door gates, mailboxes and on utilities such as vanity, lock boxes and dressers.


We offer an array of different types of locks

Our competent team is knowledgeable in all the different types of locks that offer different levels of security. For instance, the locks we install on the security door gates of your residence are not the same type that we use on the doors inside the house. Reason being, the security door gates require a higher level of security compared to the more functional-focused locks used inside the house. This way, we are able to provide the recommended type of lock for every security level in your residential. Additionally, clients get to be flexible with their budget as our wide range of diverse locks come with different price tags. For instance, the padlock system is generally cheaper than a modern electrical locking system.


What of broken locks?

Locks may be subjected to extreme force; for instance, during a burglary, rendering them obsolete or leaving them broken. You may also use extreme force that leads to a key breaking inside the keyhole, which prevents you from opening or closing the lock. We at Don’s Locksmith repair broken locks with ease. Of course, our personnel will have to get a closer look at the lock in question in order to discern if the lock can easily be repaired, reinforced or if it needs replacing.


Do you need copies made?

Keys get lost all the time. Without a duplicate key nearby, you may find yourself stranded with no way to access your home. Alternatively, you may want to give each family member a copy of the keys to the front or back door in order to lessen the dependence on your key. Don’s Locksmith offers key duplication and spare key services at competitive prices.


We make master keys!

Walking around with a huge bunch of keys can get quite annoying, especially when there is low visibility and you have to discern the right key from the bunch for a particular lock. Should you wish, we can perform lock rekeying on any doors you wish and provide you with a master key for efficiency in accessing them.


Do you need unique good-looking locks?

We got your back. Part of installing keys is considering the optics. We ask ourselves, “How well does a particular lock complement the theme of a certain room?” No matter your taste, our personnel is able to present you with a variety of decorative locks that not only provide security, but also look good considering the interior design of your home.



Should you need any of these services, feel free to contact us on (+1-909-455-3660) at any time of the day or night.  We shall be more than happy to serve you.





Our Residential Locksmith Services Include:
  • Emergency Lock Out Service
  • Lock Repairs
  • Key Duplication and Spare Keys
  • Lock Rekeys
  • Master Key Systems
  • Fresh Locks Installations
  • Security Door Gates
  • Lock Boxes
  • High Security Locks
  • Decorative Locks
  • Mailboxes
  • Padlocks
If you ever encounter any of these issues, feel free to get in touch with our call center, 24/7 via this number: 909-455-3660

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