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Losing a key, breaking a key, breaking a lock, deadlocking a door, or locking the car keys inside the car are all unfortunate. Like most unfortunate things, they often occur at the worst possible time. Our call center at Don’s Locksmith is operational 24/7, giving you the opportunity to enjoy our emergency services no matter the time of day or night.

Have you been locked out?

It is common to be locked out of your house, commercial premises, or even your car. Being left with no way of accessing your property can be devastating. Picture this; you leave your toddler in the car seat as you rush to the ATM. Upon coming back, you realize that you’ve been locked out, with the car keys still hanging in the ignition. In another scenario, its 2am, and you may have locked your front door keys inside the house in the morning with no spare house key to fall back on. The former scenario may present itself as more urgent than the latter. However, every client is entitled to the same quality of service. That is why we at Don’s Locksmith respond to every emergency case with the same high level of urgency and emphasis on priority. We have a reliable team of experts that are able to handle multiple emergency cases.

Noticed a broken lock?

The lock to your commercial or residential property can break at the worst possible time, for example, just as you were closing for the day. You obviously cannot leave the location without first ensuring the safety of your belongings. Once you call us, we can make our way to your address in a matter of minutes and have the broken lock replaced as soon as possible. We also respond to fixing broken locks on sensitive locations as a result of robbery. For instance; a botched or unsuccessful robbery that leaves one of the locks compromised is an emergency situation. Once cleared by the authorities, we can replace the broken lock with new ones to ensure the safety of your property.

Misplaced your keys?

Keys can easily get misplaced due to human error. Our emergency services cater for such scenarios. We can easily make new sets of keys upon demand. However, we encourage our clients to first rule out the possibility of the keys being stolen, not just lost. Reason being, a stolen key can still grant access to the premises. The safer alternative involves completely installing new locks to ensure no unauthorized persons gains access to your car, residential or commercial premise.

Robbery repairs

Should you be the unfortunate victim of robbery, we can not only aid by installing new locks, but by providing our expert advice on better ways to reinforce access and security to the car, commercial or residential premise. We treat such reinforcements as emergencies as restocking your inventory just after installing the same kind of locks that were broken into, leaves you prone to another robbery.

Our toll-free line 909-455-3660 is open round the clock. When faced with an emergency, call us immediately with details of your location, and if possible, a description of the type of lock or key in question. Remember, we are able to offer services faster based on the accuracy of the information you provide.

Having problems with locks or keys?

We guarantee our locksmith technicians experts will be there in under 30 minutes!

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